Complain and remain or praise and progress

I heard the phrase complain and remain or praise and progress a while back from a coach called Terri Savelle Foy.   The choices couldn’t be starker, could they?  I mean, there is no wriggle room or get out clause.  It is what it is, take it or leave it.   You mean complaining can halt or delay my progress?  You got it in one.  That is why, I decided to take heed despite the fact that it was easy for me to justify complaining.  

Undercover complaining

It’s not always apparent that we are complaining, but synonyms include:

  • moan
  • bellyache
  • gripe
  • fuss
  • bemoan
  • whine
  • criticise

Ouch!  None of those characteristics is attractive, nor do they uplift us or others.  But there is a better way; we can refuse to complain and choose to praise.

Outright praise

There are no downsides to praise – synonyms include:

  • acclaim
  • accolade
  • applaud
  • appreciate
  • cheer
  • compliment
  • thankful

Praise uplifts the giver and, the receiver.

The temptation to complain

Sometimes when I’m tempted to complain, I think to myself: you are on the verge of complaining, or that complaint is going to cost you.  I also have little talks with myself, “Dawn, some people would like to have the ‘problems’ you think you have.”  I’m not always successful but, I am getting better.  

Stay on the praise side

When you choose to focus on whatsoever is good and positive, there is no place for negativity, here’s are some practical examples of complaints and how you can turn them into praise.

See what difference a little praise can make?  You may not be in the job that you want but, it’s the job you have now.  You may not like your manager but, perhaps there’s something you can learn from them.  Your pay may not be as high as you’d like but, maybe you have flexibility.  Come on, avoid complaining like a bad rash and embrace praising!

Remember, remain and complain or, praise and progress, it’s totally up to you.

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