Workshops & coaching

Coaching and mentoring services are available to clients who wish to develop or hone their skills.

Benefits of coaching and mentoring

    • Skills can be developed, achieved and applied relatively quickly
    • Engagement and empowerment tools which can drive up individual, team, department and organisational performance
    • Two-way learning for all parties
    • Supports career development, self-esteem, and confidence


“My expertise is in technology and it’s application to make meaningful improvements in the Healthcare sector. For me, working with Hope Place has given me the clarity and focus with both my personal and professional goals.  I’m truly seeing life in HD!”

SW – coaching client

“I can say without equivocation that Dawn Jones has led me through a transformation as I encountered a new chapter in my life, she has helped me to see greater possibilities in my professional career not only is she professional in her outlook but she also encourages you as a person a worker and as a leader to do better, her style of coaching is persuasive, encouraging and challenging at the same time.

“Sometimes we view those who achieve greatness as being on their own, but many times if not all the time they have trusted and reliable people who help them to achieve and maximise their talent, Dawn is one of those people who can help you to achieve the best you, I’m truly glad that I got the opportunity to work with her. ”

RR – coaching client