It’s your schedule – if you don’t like it, change it!

Does your schedule serve you or does it dictate to you? Are you juggling, school runs, caring responsibilities, back to back meetings while setting yourself unrealistically high standards as you work to cover everything? If any of this is resonating with you, stop for ten minutes help may be at hand.

Recently, I found myself overscheduled, overextended and exhausted. I knew something had to give and, since it wasn’t going to be me, I made four fundamental changes:

  1. I chose not to be over-scheduled (my name’s Dawn, not superwoman.)
  2. I reduced my working hours on a short-term contract so I could also continue to develop my business.
  3. I set realistic timescales for projects. I thought about what was doable in the time available to me without compromising my health and well-being.
  4. I included ‘seam allowances’ into my schedule so I can rest, pray and, have quality thinking time.

It’s early days, and I am still adjusting, but, changing my schedule has had a positive impact all-around impact. I have been able to invest in my spiritual life read, exercise and do life admin! Last but, not least, remember what my name is!

If you find yourself overscheduled (or heading in that direction), be kind to yourself, admit it and, think about how you can change your schedule to achieve a healthy balance and, then take action – your present and future self will thank you!

Next week, we will be looking at flexible working. In the meantime, think about what sort of working pattern would help you to improve your schedule. See you next week!

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