Policy challenge

I have a policy challenge for you this week. But before I tell you about it, a quick reminder of why I wrote the ‘If You Don’t Know, Get To Know’ series and I’ll be back.

Consequently, many of you will know I have been writing on topics such as:

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  • Know your policies and procedures https://hopeplace.co.uk/know-your-policies-and-procedures/
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  • Suspension and it’s not so neutral effect https://hopeplace.co.uk/suspension-and-its-not-so-neutral-effect

Prioritise policies

I feel an urgency to revisit fundamentals and, say to you if you have not yet read your employers policies and, procedures, seriously consider making it a priority over the next two weeks.

The challenge

  • Week 1 – read disciplinary, grievance, sickness policies and implement them in your daily practice
  • Week 2 – read performance, dignity and respect, and one policy that specifically relates to your area of work, i.e if you are in finance read the financial standing instructions. Or, if you work in a clinical area read the record keeping policy

Steps to get you there

  • Put protected time in your diary
  • If you need to, use your commuting time to read (it will be worth it)
  • Underline any points that you don’t understand and, ask your manager, a member of your HR team or your trade union representative for clarification

The benefits

  • When you implement policies correctly – you are less likely to breach them
  • You can count the knowledge towards your professional development (most roles require some understanding of policy)
  • As well as knowing your employee responsibilities you will also understand your employment rights
  • Procedures and processes help you think factually rather than emotionally

In case you are still not convinced:

Don’t allow foo-lish-ness to happen to you.


© Dawn H Jones is an HR Consultant, Coach, and Blogger. Please note that this post does not constitute specific HR or employment law advice if you require help please contact an appropriately qualified professional or drop me an email  – dawn@hopeplace.co.uk

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