Reading is an essential skill

Reading is a skill

Reading is an essential skill that adds to the quality of our lives.  Most of us read every day whether we are conscious of it or not.  But reading as a matter of course, and reading to invest in our lives are two different things.

I have heard people say (with feeling) that they hate reading.  But even those who avow that they hate it, need it.  It helps us to navigate our way through everyday tasks like shopping, travelling, emails, and even our texts?   It is what educationalists call a functional skill.  That’s right we need it to function.

I have been a  passionate reader from childhood.  The library was one of my favourite places.  I remember struggling to stay up at night to read Little Women and the Judy Bloom series.  More recently, I was visiting charity shops with my sisters.  They headed for clothes and household items, and I headed for the book section where I found yet another life-transforming book called Abba Father and for a fraction of the cover price!

This one skill has opened up portals of knowledge that I didn’t know existed.  It has helped me to see the world with increased clarity, and in the process how I can add value to myself and others.   However, when we fail to appreciate the power of reading to enrich our lives, we miss the opportunity to experience the prosperity that the written word adds to our lives.  We miss out on talents of skillful writers and the efforts they invest so that they can bring a book to market that will enhance our lives.  Beyond this reading has benefits including:

  • Opening up avenues of learning that you may previously not have considered
  • The potential to increase your earning capability
  • Improving your personal and professional development
  • Improving your written and communication skills

But for those of you who still cannot bear the thought of picking up a book, think about downloading an audiobook and listening to it during your commute, walk or even when you are doing your household chores. All you have to do is remember to press play!   As you do, begin to consider reading as essential skills that will open up doors to you, if you let it.

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