That’s not my portion

When a challenge or problem presents itself that has untold stress and distress attached to it, I have learned to say; that’s, not my portion. Trust me, knowing what is and is not your portion is critical to a well run, drama free life.

Watching what I eat

I learned to watch what I eat by:

  1. Being clear what is and, is not my responsibility.
  2. Asking myself the question what level of help, support, investment of time do I give – if any?
  3. Discerning if someone is trying to transfer their problem to me. Sometimes requests are comes dressed in finery such as:
  • “I’ll leave it with you” – my thought, hmmm, is this something for me to take forward genuinely or is the other person trying to abdicate their responsibility?
  • “You do it so much better than me”, my response – “I will show you how to it this time, so you know what to do in the future.”
  • “I feel so much better after talking to you” – self-check, have they left their problem with me?

Flattery is a way to our ego, so sharpen your discernment skills.

Portion control

I use words and phrases that help me maintain portion control, as do some of my family and friends. Here are a few examples:

  1. That’s not the will of God for my life.
  2. Na sa, jamaican parlance for no sir!
  3. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
  4. That is your business.
  5. Drop that out.
  6. It’s not happening for you.
  7. That’s not the story.
  8. I ain’t having it.
  9. We are not doing this.
  10. Red flag!
  11. Foo-lish-ness.
  12. No more drama.

Sometimes we speak those phrases out loud, sometimes we say them in our heads, the point is we consciously re-enforce what and what is not our portion. We may slip up from time to time, but, we get back on track real quick!

Discovering what and what is not our portion is not always smooth journey but, let me leave you with this nugget of truth. Stress and distress is never your portion; remember that.

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