There’s another gear in you

“Ooh, there’s another gear in you,” Marie said to me with relish as she intently observed my performance on the ski machine in the gym. Ah man, I knew instantly from her expression and the tone of her voice – there is an s-t-r-e-t-c-h target in my future. My. Very. Near. Future.

Let’s get going

Marie is my trainer and, one of my closest friends. However, in the gym, Marie is many things, however, a friend is not one of them. She is obervant (doesn’t miss a thing), focused (don’t mess with her plan, suggest yes, mess no) and, challenging (you’ve got more in you than you realise.) She is oblivious to my eye rolls, side-eyes and, mutinous expressions and, mutterings. She’ll laugh, and, then say “Let’s get going.”

Knowing and acting 

I am naturally slim but, daily helpings of all-butter shortbread and, other ‘goodies’ was beginning to show. Left to my own devices I had become lazy and complacent. I knew it but  going from knowing to act on knowing – well that was a bit of a journey. Finally, I felt prompted by God to hire Marie. 

Accountability partner

The truth is we would do well to have a Marie in our life. Someone who is excuse-immune who will stretch us and hold us accountable, particularly when we are tempted to allow our human nature to hold us hostage to what it wants.

Gear shift

Over the last several weeks, I have learned that I have more stamina, focus and determination. I start in first gear, drop down into second gear for uphill exercises, then begin to cruise at third gear — emphasis on begin. About the time I realise I am cruising, Marie is right there with the next s-t–r-e-t-c-h target. So I’ve learned to step up, ask for additional weights or do more reps because I know it’s coming anyway. Besides, Mama didn’t raise no fool!

There’s another gear in YOU!

Yes, you, but it’s up to you to unearth it and, that involves choosing to exchange average for good and good for excellent. I decided to give up all-butter shortbread and the other ‘goodies’ because I knew exercise and proper nutrition are one of the pillars to good health.

What decision will you make that will act as a catalyst to activating the gear that unleashes exceptional effort and ability in you? Will you?

  • Apply for a job promotion
  • Return to school/college
  • Start a business
  • Get a coach or mentor
  • Start networking
  • Start saving
  • Lose weight
  • Get rid of debt

However you choose to exercise your choice, remember there’s another gear in you.

Go for it.

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