To-do lists and Ta-da lists!

There are to-do lists and, then there are ta-da lists. A to-do list is a list of things you and, I plan to do, our must do’s if you will. For example, my must-dos last Saturday included:

  • Making a certain amount of progress on a report
  • Buying some printer ink
  • Telephoning a friend

“Ta-da lists are…unexpected blessings.”

One of my sisters introduced me to ta-da lists last year. I was telling her about my to-do list and, she said, don’t forget your ta-da list. She explained that ta-da lists are things that you didn’t expect to get done. I describe them as unexpected blessings. For example, my ta-da list last Saturday included:

  • Cleaning the kitchen (while talking to my friend on the telephone)
  • Hoovering
  • Putting pictures up
  • Starting to write this blog

I didn’t plan on doing any of those activities on Saturday so, they would go on my ta-da list. Ta-da lists feed your inner cheerleader – you write down what you’ve achieved and, cross it off as soon as you’ve written it. Job(s) done! It’s like the cherry (or cherries) on top of the cake!

Are you working on ta-da lists without realising it?

I understand the frustration that can come when you don’t get all of your to-do list done, some of which are vitally important, but, could it be that you’ve been working on a ta-da list without realising it?

Instead of getting frustrated about what you didn’t get done, think about all the things that you did get done. Perhaps you stopped to speak to someone having a difficult time and, you left them better than you found them. Or maybe you finally got round to changing your utility supplier and, saved some money. My point is this, your life or someone else’s was enhanced in some way. Ta-da!

Celebrate your ta-da moments

Ta-da lists help us to keep our perspective and a sense of humour amid all the ‘to-dos.’ Yes, we need to be responsible and take care of our priorities, but, we can also stop and celebrate our bonuses and blessings, aka our ta-da moments – enjoy!

© Dawn H Jones

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