Tune into Objectivity FM

I want to talk to you about tuning into Objectivity FM. A few weeks ago, I wrote a post called, ‘Consider making objectivity your BFF’ followed by a post called ‘Remain objective’. Recently, it occurred to me that when we communicate, we do so on different frequencies, similar to radio bands. Emotions like anger, fear and, frustration can interrupt our reception creating static identical to what we sometimes hear when we are searching for a radio station.

Let me give you an example. A couple of weeks or so, I was watching a medical drama. Two patients, a cardiac surgeon and, a student in his twenties need lifesaving treatment. However, there is only one machine. Doctors for both patients go to the CEO to decide as to which one will receive treatment.

In an emotionally charged atmosphere, one set of doctors advocate for the cardiac surgeon. They talk about how skilled he is and, how many patients he will save in the future. The nurse consultant and doctor for the young student talk about young he is and, how he will benefit from the treatment. Both sets of the medical staff advocate that the CEO save their patient while discounting each other’s points.

Finally, another surgeon, Ms Okafor, says something to the effect of ‘We need to separate our feelings and, focus on the facts. The statistics say that the younger patient has the highest chance of survival.” The CEO agrees and, the youngest patient receives the treatment.

What did Ms Okafor do? She certainly wanted both patients to live but, she chose to filter out emotion and, tune into Objectivity FM. The next time a challenging situation presents itself bypass static and tune into Objectivity FM, where reception is good and, you are more likely to make quality decisions.

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