What’s your plan?

Plan? Yes, what’s your plan to grow personally and professionally? Most of us now have more time to plan and invest in ourselves.

Last year, I trained over 100 managers on how to line manage their staff. As part of their pre-work, managers had to complete an online assessment that (if they were honest) would give then a sound baseline of their skills and abilities across nine metrics.

Pre-assessment + challenge + execution

To complement the pre-assessment work, I set managers a challenge at the beginning of each session that would significantly improve their management skills and competencies, providing they stuck with it. The managers had to:

  • Put one hours protected time a week in their diary for the next three months to focus on their management development.
  • Find a quiet place, away from their desk, where they would not be interrupted to study the material from the training session or their online academy etc.
  • Use the results from their assessment tool to inform their, performance objectives and development.

Ultimately, the aim was to incorporate and re-enforce learning and practice efficiently.

Your plan

Whether you want to apply for a promotion, change sectors, return back to college or, improve your health and wellbeing, ensure that your objectives or goals are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic timebound (SMART).

In addition to setting SMART objectives, think about whether you are achieving them efficiently. For example:

  • If you need to improve your professional skills – can these be done during working hours? Think, online courses, shadowing a work colleague or being mentored or coached by a senior colleague.
  • Investigate whether secondments to other roles are available. You would be working, learning and earning.
  • Use your travel time to read or listen to an audiobook or podcast.

My point is this: don’t approach your plan as yet another thing to do, you will most likely set yourself up to fail. Instead, make sure each component of your program (wherever possible) mutually complements itself so, that you use your time and resources wisely.

If you would like coaching in this area, please email info@hopeplace.co.uk.

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