Why you need to know

I have been posting and blogging about why people need to know their HR processes since 2017 because I have witnessed the heartache and pain of individuals facing processes such as disciplinary, grievance and sickness absence compounded by little or no HR policy knowledge.

Blog series

In an attempt to address the gaps in people’s knowledge and, injustices, I wrote a blog series starting in 2017 called, ‘If You Don’t Know, Get To Know. Posts have included:

  • Know your policies and procedures
  • Suspension and it’s not so neutral effects
  • Know the details of you case better than anyone else
  • It pays to be HR-wise
  • Ryan Clement, an employment barrister, wrote an insightful post on the factors that an employee should consider before submitting a claim

If you haven’t read the posts or you need a refresher – follow the links.

If You Don’t Know, Get To Know e-HR guide

Building on the blog series I have now written an HR guide to educate, outlining five practical tips people can utilise to navigate HR processes wisely.

  1. Be quick to listen.
  2. Keep your head.
  3. What does the policy say?
  4. Know the details of your case.
  5. Protect your health and wellbeing.

The e-guide costs £30 and is available from our online school, Hope Academy

The e-guide includes anonymised stories, key takeaways, videos, and, action checklists. It will educate, empower and, equip you with the HR-skills that you need.

Remember be HR-wise

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